The Beatles 1962-66 and 1967-70

These are the 2 remastered Beatles compilations 1962-66(Red Album) and 1967-70(Blue Album) which was released originally in 1973 and was re-released in 1993. The new remixed versions that is out now in 2023 besides from the original tracks that was released 50 years ago it has added more songs on the albums which on the red album it includes This Boy, You Can't Do That, You Really Got A Hold On Me, In My Life, Got To Get You Into My Life and many others and on the blue one it the new song Now and Then , Dear Prudence, Within You Without You, Glass Onion, Blackbird, Oh Darling, I Me Mine and many others. It is FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT and SUPERB with FANTASTIC, AWESOME and TIMELESS Songs which has stood the test of the time and they get better throughout the years which you can never get tired of Hearing Beatles music which they are so good. The Red Album went to number 3 in the UK and number 15 in Australia and the blue album went to number 2 in the UK and number 8 in Australia wh

Started Out Just Drinking Beer by Stuart Lloyd

This is the authorised biography of the legendary Australian group Mental As Anything and in this book talks the origins of the band when they started out in the 70's, their their first shows, achieving chart success with classics including The Nips Are Getting Better, Come Around, Too Many Times, Beresek Warriors, Live It Up and many others, life on the road, line up changes and interviews with band members as well as people like Colin hay from Men At Work, Mark Opitz, Buzz Bidstup from the Angels, Kirk Pengilly from INXS and many others. It is AWESOME, BRILLIANT and SUPERB with FANTASTIC and AWESOME Stories as well as very impressive and very entertaining and it's an FANTATSIC read which it is well worth to learn about an iconic Australian rock group about what happened behind the scenes. Mental As Anything ended in 2019 after the passing of Greedy Smith but the great music the Mentals made live on forever and stil gets played on the radio which it still sounds great toda

If You Would Have Told Me by John Stamos

This is the memoir of American actor John Stamos and in this book he talks about his upbringing in California, played in bands Destiny, Crosswinds and the Signals, doing General Hospital as Blackie Parrish, his stints with the Beach Boys, doing Full House as Jessie Katsopolis as well as Fuller House, doing ER, his 2 marriages, encounters with Jimmy Page, Rick Springfield, Bob Saget, Demi Moore and Kin Shirner and many others. IT is FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT and AWESOME with Very impressive and Very entertaining stories which it well worth an read indeed. John Stamos is currently doing Spidey and His Amazing Friends, Mickey Mouse Funhouse and The Prank Panel all on TV. This is an must for TV fans which I give it 5 stars as it's in the shops now so do yourselves an favour and BUY IT which you will be impressed and Amazed.

Lay It On The Line by Rik Emmett

This is the memoir of legendary Canadian singer-songwriter and musician and member of the rock band Triumph Rik Emmett and in this book he talks about his upbringing in Ontario Canada, starting his first instrument an harmonica at an early age, played in 5 bands during middle and high school years including the Sunshine Incident and General Mudd, formed the band Triumph who would have success with hits lincluding Lay It On The Line and Hold On, going solo in the 80's, encounters with George Benson, Steve Vai, Chet Atkins and Ben E Carlos from the American rock band Cheap trick. It is FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT and Superb with very impressive and very entertaining stories which it is well worth an read. Rik Emmett has retired from performing and has just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer which let's hope he pulls through. This is an must for 70's and 80's music fans and I give it 4 and an half stars as it's in the shops now so do yourselves an favour and BUY IT which y

Thank You(Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) by Sly Stone

This is the memoir of American singer-songwriter and musician Sly Stone and in this book he talks about his upbringing in California having moved there as an toddler, started playing instruments and singing at an early age, performed as the Stewart Four, played in the Viscayes which they had an local hit, worked as an disc jockey, worked as an record producer as well as success as an songwriter, formed Sly and the Family Stone who would have great success in the 60's and 70's with hits including Dance To The Music, Everyday People, I want To Take You Higher, Hot Fun In The Summertime and many others, encounters with Clive Davis, Bill Graham and Jimi Hendrix, going Solo and many others. It is FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT and SUPERB as well as very Impressive, Very Entertaining and AWESOME which it well worth an read. Sly Stone is still around but has health issues and his music with the Family Stone is still around and still heard on the radio to this day. This is an must for fan

A Savage Christmas

Last Sunday I went to the Dendy Cinema Coorparoo where I saw the Australian movie A Savage Christmas. Daniella Savage (Thea Raveneau) an transsexual who was called Daniel comes home to her parents place after years of enstrangement with her partner Kane (Max Jahufer) and the parents James Savage Sr an ex footballer (David Roberts) and Brenda(Helen Scott) who are putting together Christmas lunch for the family which their daughter Leia(Rekha Ryan) who is having issues in her marriage, Their son Jimmy Jr (Ryan Morgan) owns an guy named Peter (Gary Sweet) money and there are secrets coming out which gets interesting as well as the acceptance about Daniella being an woman and why she hasn't been home for the few years. It's is excellent, very funny and very entertaining with excellent acting by David Roberts, Helen Scott, Gary Sweet, Thea Raveneau, Max Jahufer, Ryan Morgan, Darren Gilshenan and Charlotte Chimes known to Australian soapie fans as Nicolette Stone daughter of Ja

Dreams Fleetwood Mac tribute show at koala Tavern

On Saturday November 18th I went to the Koala Tavern to see the Fleetwood Mac tribute show Dreams which it was my first time seeing them. Dad took me to the Bus stop, caught bus, got off at Capalaba and walk to the Koala Tavern. Went to the Bistro, rang home, ordered Parmy, chips and salad and sticky date pudding, bought Coke With No Sugar and usr. Had Parmy, chips and salad for dinner, drank Coke With No Sugar, ate Sticky date pudding, went outside, did writing , stood in lie for half an hour as it was supposed to open at 8pm, went inside, drank Coke with No Sugar and use mobile. Dreams Fleetwood Mac Tribute came on stage around 8.45pm which in the first set did some of the Fleetwood Mac classics and some of the Stevie Nicks solo stuff as well as the John Stewart 1979 hit Gold which Stevie sang on and there was an interval where I had an Coke with No Sugar to drink. The band came back on which they did more of the stevie nicks solo and Fleetwood Mac including Oh Well which everyon